3 Day and Still Going Strong!

Blog Post created by Angie_machado on Jul 23, 2017

This is my third day without those dreadful ciggys.  I woke up feeling good a bit of pull from my ex-best friend Nic as he wanted me to go outside with him "talk.". I refused to even entertain the thought.  Tonight we are going to the Kid Rock concert at the CA Mid-State Fair.  Now normally I would be very concerned about keeping my QUIT while I was there, but for the first year ever the fair is entirely smoke and vape free.  Yipee!!!  What a great time to quit!  I will feel sorry for all the souls who do smoke and are craving a smoke all through the concert and fair.  I am not one of them!!  Whoo hoo!  Feeling good, maybe I should play the lottery today!  Lol