Second Day...... So Far So Good!

Blog Post created by Angie_machado on Jul 22, 2017

It is the morning of my 2nd day with no ciggy!  My ex best friend (Nicotine aka Nic) came knocking at my door this morning asking me to come outside to "talk."  I ignored him and stayed clear of all outside doors.  I'm craving  him but i know he's no good for me.  So as soon as the thought (of Nic) comes into my head; I banish it and start thinking of other things.  My 4 year old grandson is here for a few days so that should keep me plenty busy.  I know he will stress me out at some point today; as he is 4 and that's pretty much his job right now. Lol. But, I will survive smoke free.  Still waiting for the cool dreams to start?  Anyone know?