A good day

Blog Post created by AmandaJ23 on Jan 2, 2018

                                                                  ***8 DAYS!!!!***  


For some reason I thought of today as a huge event. I probably just had cabin fever and was ready to work. My boss is the first person I've been around who isn't walking on egg shells about their smoking. I was so nervous as I walked up to the front door and I saw him smoking, I thought this was the ultimate test for me but once I got close enough to smell it, it wasn't very testing at all. He smelled disgusting and his cigarette smelled disgusting and smoking is just something I don't do anymore! I didn't get a craving from seeing it or anything, I surprised myself. I wont expect to feel this way every time I smell a sickorette, but it sure was a nice surprise! The rest of the day went on pretty uneventful as well. My cravings were tolerable, I had a good one while I was driving but I just turned up my radio and sang along and if you could imagine what I sound like with my voice still missing from the flu it was hilarious and a good distraction. I am taking everyone's advice and saving my smoke money, so far I'm at $52. When I am one month quit I'm going to take my daughters out to celebrate with me and then I will be saving for a vacation.

    I couldn't wait to log on here tonight and do some reading, it's like therapy for me. I'm really looking forward to more easy days like this. I know that it's really early for me to have an easy day so I wont expect them but man today was a good day. I really needed a good day. Bring it on world!