Crave crave crave!

Blog Post created by AmandaJ23 on Jan 1, 2018

I'm driving myself crazy over here! I am a non smoker, I am a non smoker, I am a non smoker.

   I'm kicken this flu and starting to feel more like myself but these cravings are not letting up. I'm hoping that tomorrow's change in scenery will help a bit. I'm going back to work for the first time in over a week and my toddler will be going back to school. I'm praying for a busy day. My husband is being such a good sport. I'm not sure when or where he smokes and I can never smell him when he gets back. I lost my cool on him the other day and he just sat there and took it. He also graciously accepted my apology about ten minutes later...I don't know what else to say besides today was a rough day and I hope tomorrow is easier.

 On another note, I cannot even believe the amount of support that I have received from all of you! I was not expecting it. I spent a good portion of my day reading on this website and I'm starting to feel like I'm not alone. That was my biggest fear. Almost everyone I know smokes, I don't know anyone else who is quitting. Asking for quitting advice from current smokers who have no plan to quit was not something I wanted to do. Knowing that I have a place to talk, vent and just be is really nice. I'm looking forward to being one of the people giving advice in the future. I'll talk to yall tomorrow. 7 DAYS!!!!!!!!!