DAY 6, When will it get easier?

Blog Post created by AmandaJ23 on Jan 1, 2018

Day 6 of not smoking also happens to be day 6 of the flu for me. 3 of which were spent sleeping in a hospital bed. I'm only 30. This will happen no more. I wanted to feel "normal" today and as my quitting wasn't planned, I decided that Id better clean out my car. I've been dreading this. My car is where I smoked the most. It smelled awful. I can't believe this is what I've smelled like for the passed 15 years. Gross. I can't believe I've let my children sit in here and smell like this.

I scrubbed and scrubbed. I removed my car seat covers and replaced them with nice leather ones. I Febreezed the crap out of my car!!! I think it smells good now. These cravings are CRAZY!!! They are getting easier to deal with but man each one is like a full blown panic attack. My mind is so powerful!! I can do this! I do not smoke anymore! When do the cravings get easier? Will I ever get to a point where they don't bother me at all?