Day 0- Am I ready for Day 1? Soso

Blog Post created by Amanda246 on Sep 28, 2019

I'm calling tonight day 0 because I am quitting vaping tomorrow but the journey starts today. I tend to vape all day. When I'm driving, studying for exams and doing homework, before and after meals, when I'm relaxing and when I'm stressed, etcetera etcetera. My throat hurts constantly and I'm convinced that nicotine is preventing me from getting a good night's sleep. It's definitely making it harder to focus on schoolwork. Graduate school is already hard enough, I shouldn't be making it harder for myself. Not to mention the long term health consequences of vaping.


I have big plans for tomorrow: I made a shopping list foods to buy and ready to eat snacks to purchase, I hit up a hotline that will send me daily encouraging messages, I completed a trigger tracking tool, and I purchased some Juul compatible (0% nicotine) pods. I might even pick up a hobby. I'm thinking scrapbooking, running, and meditating. 


My biggest weakness will probably be my boyfriend- who is supportive of my effort but continues to vape. If it turns out that him vaping around me is a trigger (which, let's be honest, it probably will be), then I'll talk to him about it. However, I'm not ready for that today. 


I read that the first 72 hours will be the hardest- does anyone have any tips? Are there any challenges that took you by surprise on Day 1?