Blog Post created by Alice23 on Apr 21, 2017

The most precious gift I've given myself by quitting smoking - is time. 

Time with family (instead of running outside to smoke)

Time to spare ( not working 'smoke breaks' into visits, trips, and my daily routine)

Time for exercise ( instead of skipping exercise because I couldn't breathe)


Life is not passing me by anymore.  I love traveling now that I don't have to go through the rigamarole of trying to find a place to smoke in and around airports.   I am not spending time visiting the doctor, running to the gas station, digging for spare change to buy yet another pack of cigarettes.


There are countless examples of how much TIME I've added to my life.  Countless examples of how much time I am NOT wasting.  The most important time - is every second , one by one , that add up to minutes and hours, weeks and months - nearly 6 years - that I have added to my life - time I've given back to myself. 

I am so grateful to those on this site that have encouraged me every step of the way.

If you're reading this .......thank you.

If you're new to this site - if your quit is brand new - know that you are never alone - as long as you can visit here often.

God bless you