Day 15

Blog Post created by Alicatsam on May 22, 2019

I just need to get this stuff off my chest.

My roommate "Mike" has 2 small dogs, one, Annie, is 14 years old and seems to be falling apart.

When I moved in a year ago, I had no idea that Mike almost never takes his dogs outside. Between our different work schedules and the other roommate, "Sam", cleaning up after Mike and his dogs, it took several months to realize that they have serious cabin fever and poop and pee in the apartment all day because they have no choice. Then Mike will  bit*h and moan about having to shampoo the carpets and clean up after their destructive behavior (digging through garbage, pulling stuffing out of toys and pillows and blankets, eating my dirty underwear, etc.)

So I stopped letting Bree, the minipin, in my room and cut down on giving her attention to discourage her from sneaking in and eating my dirty underwear while I'm not looking. Annie likes to go into other people's rooms just to pee. When she approaches my room, I clap loudly because she doesn't seem to hear me when I say her name and Mike has accused me of yelling at her ("I don't treat YOUR dog that way!").

Long story short, one or both have started pooping in the shared human bathroom. The other morning, I stepped in it. I went and told Mike, and he bit*hed and moaned and cleaned it up. Same thing twice the next day, but I didn't step in it. I refuse to pick up after Mike or his dogs because that is the beginning of the long road to whatever happened between  Mike and Sam before Sam moved out.

I also noticed two days ago that our patio was covered in dog crap. Literally, there was not one spot you could put your foot without getting crap on it. When I checked yesterday, it looked about halfway cleaned up.

Annie, the old one, looks like crap from Mike trying to groom her. Sam used to do the grooming and did ok with it, but with Sam gone, Annie looks like heck. She has hair so badly knotted I seriously thought she had growths behind her ears, and she had bald spots and rashes all over from Mike's attempts at grooming.

Last night, after reporting the poop in the bathroom to Mike, I asked very cautiously how often he walks his dogs. He said once a day and that's all he can handle because he has to take them out separately because Bree is a handful (she is very dog aggressive and will bite you if you hold her back.) I suggested to him that since he as a hard time keeping up with all their messes, maybe he should consider giving one of them up. He said they are his only family and he would never do that to them. (Of course, he means he would never do that to himself even if it's infinitely better for them physically and emotionally.) I said somewhat sarcastically "your family", it just slipped out and thank goodness nothing else did! It slipped out of my mouth while I was thinking about how he's usually ignoring them or scolding them. I have never come home to catch him playing or cuddling with them and they are ALWAYS home except about 3 times in the year I've been there.

So he calls me a B and accuses me (again) of never cleaning (his messes). I just close the door and ignore him until he's done, then go to bed since I had to get up super early.

Sometimes Mike gets really drunk and I don't always know until he starts talking. One time he sent me an eviction text after midnight because I had "yelled at his dog" and did not hear me when I said I was talking to (teasing, "you'd better run" when he was walking away from me after misbehaving)my own dog. I had to block his number.

Last night I thought many times about smoking, but knew it wouldn't help me or his dogs or Mike in any way.

I can't wait until I get settled into my new job and save enough to move out of that place. After the last two days, I am pretty sure I will have to call animal control on him on my way out.