Blog Post created by Alicatsam on May 11, 2019

I'm almost halfway through my shift at work. It is SO BORING!!! I played with my dog until he was done. I ate an orange, then dinner. I Chewed nicotine gum until it made me nauseous. I browsed this site and played some of the word games. It has pretty much been like a continual 4 hour crave. I thought about going to the little store right next door to get some snacks or gum or ANTYHING to chew or suck on, but it would be too huge a temptation to buy cigarettes there. I cannot let myself go outside at all because this whole dang neighborhood is a goshdarn ashtray and if I go out there I might cave.

I am holding on to how awesome and proud I will feel when I get up tomorrow morning and remember how I conquered this day without resorting to smoking.

OMG if things don't pick up a little, I might just explode!