Day 4

Blog Post created by Alicatsam on May 11, 2019

30 minutes awake and here come the shakes. They will pass.

Yesterday the patch finally stayed on all day and it was pretty easy to be around my smoker friends and roommies after work. I think I will try the lower dose patch today.

Ok, so this morning I took the patch off when I woke up. Now the shakes, not too bad, I've had worse with panic attacks throughout my life, so this is no biggie.

Focusing on my plans for the day. As soon as I feel stable, gonna put myself together and take my dog to the dog park, watch them all play. Then meeting with a friend to hang and walk around at a park or somewhere, she's trying to lose weight. Then feed and walk the dog, a quick trip to the mini park down the street, then get his food and toys together and we go to work. Then we mostly sit around bored out of our minds for 8.5 hours, but we've done this every Saturday for many months so we're used to it. 

Tomorrow we are totally free all day so I'm gonna make plans for us while we are at work this evening.

I will of course be trolling the Ex site on and off all day. First place to go for help when I really really really feel like giving up the quit. We are stronger together, that's for sure. I wouldn't have made it this far without you guys. Even when the Community was down and I couldn't communicate, I got craploads of emails from the denizens of Ex. You all saved me from myself and I thank you for it!