Day 3 at work as a non-smoker

Blog Post created by Alicatsam on May 10, 2019

This morning has been easier than the last two. I've been having issues keeping the patch on and this morning I have on my upper chest and so far so good almost 2 hours later. I think it'll stay on if I don't sweat there, which I don't think I will.

So far, I can have coffee without craving a smoke. For me, coffee is about waking up and smoking is about chilling out.

My strongest craving, with serious tremors, was when I got really good news - a job offer I'd been waiting for. It seemed to last a lot longer than all the other cravings and was definitely the most intense so far.

No serious physical withdrawal symptoms yet. Some coughing this morning, but not too bad.

Just started my period and waiting to see how that goes without smoking.

Thank you all so much for all your messages! Keeps me on my toes and often makes me smile, even laugh. I keep thinking of the one post with the "hang in there!" cat moving up and down as it hangs onto the tree branch. Who posted that? It made me laugh, even though I used to find that poster kinda dumb. I think it's because the poor kitty is moving around in its struggle to hang on.

And thanks to whoever sends the texts from this site, extremely helpful. I've sent SOS texts several times a day. Yesterday, I got one without asking, "Keep them away from your face!" Made me laugh. Thank you!!!

Yesterday, I ran into a smoker at the dog park who usually offers smokes or food or weed. As soon as I saw him, I got serious craves and I mumbled aloud to myself "oh, sh**!" The craving just kept escalating, and continual thoughts of asking him for one, so so close... Fortunately a nonsmoking dog dad with one of my favorite puppies came by, and the four of us hung out for a while, chatting (humans) and playing (dogs).