Day 2 at work Sans-cigs

Blog Post created by Alicatsam on May 9, 2019

I was concerned how I would handle things yesterday, my first day at work after quitting. It went far better than I thought. Cravings were on and off intense, but I was more concerned about my behavior. Strangely, the same things that used to pi** me off were just really funny, and the person who would have me thinking violent thoughts was just a pathetic tool. I guess I'm mainly dealing with the physical cravings. And that was the day at work. Things got hairier afterwards...

My roommate "M", the leaseholder, had been unwittingly working on destroying our apartment door locks by putting tape over loose nails and generally not taking care of the various problems with the door by contacting the landlord and maintenance before the sh*t hit the fan. So I was locked out just before bedtime, along with my puppy and my other roommate "S", the one who is suddenly the expert on door locks and wants to teach me what he knows. "M" was locked inside. I handled the thought of going across the street for cigarettes and taking my dog for a walk or the park while having a smoke. Had that thought and let it pass several times. I sat my ass down in the hallway and cuddled with the dog and played games on my phone, ignoring "S" and his lock-lessons and opinions on how "M" could get the door open without the locksmith.

After the locksmith came and went, and the dog was fed and watered, I wanted a post-drama-trauma cigarette so much that I asked M for one. Lucky for me, he was smoking his last at the time and I declined the offer to share his cig and his cooties.

By the time M finished his smoke, went to the store and came back with more, I had it under control. He asked me a couple times, then told me he would put some on the kitchen table in case I had a meltdown, which I didn't.

So I hung in there, and had some luck with M having run out of spares. But what a long-a**  day!

Wish me luck on Work Day II Sans Smokes!