Day 70: Have a Drink

Blog Post created by AlexColvin on Apr 12, 2019

I invented a new drink. I call it a Feather Pillow which consist of Anis and Half and Half which, after two, is quite tasty.  After three you forget that it taste like bad toothpaste and just drink them because, well, what goes better with Anis liquor and coffee creamer than YOU. And then toddle off the sleepy-town, stepping on Chester's tale enroute. 


I know: you're wondering why Anis, that lovely licorice-flavored liquor that sits in the back of most folks liquor cabinets? (That would be the stash they never admit to -- but I digress.)  Well, it also works as a terrific flavor food additive. Especially if you're making Bunyols de Vent (a.k.a, Catalina doughnuts,) which look like this:



Anyways, after my Friday working for my quasi-governmental food-related job, I deserved a drink and scrounged around and decided to combine two things. (Cooks are all about creating things from raw materials. Live with it.) And did and then named it.  


The good news is,  I did  not smoke. I did not smoke because I could not be bothered between cordial glasses to get on the bike and risk falling eight feet past my front door in a drunken stupor in the pursuit of cigarettes. Really? Do I look stupid? 


Again, I did not smoke. Yes,I thought about it.  But you know what? What would be the point of screwing up what I got? Really?  Not only woud it have required an amount of hand-eye coordination  I did not possess, it would have exacted a mental and physical price on Saturday morning I prefer to forego. I can deal with a mild hangover. A mild hangover plus lungs that feel like fifty pound flour sacks, no thanks. 


Funny how our priorities change.


Anywho, for those who warned me against tampering with liquor whilst a newbie non smoker, I have flouted your advise and lived to tell the tale.


This is not that unusual: I have flouted many medical norms: I have never broken a bone; I have never experienced any long-term illnesses. I am, by my definition, a medical freak in that the number of medical visits to a doctor I have made in my lifetime can be counted on one and a half hands.


Blame it on the bike. I do.;)


Peace and gratitude,