Day 44: Back to Work

Blog Post created by AlexColvin on Mar 18, 2019

This one will be short because I've been up since  Five AM and am still adjusting back to my old schedule. Yes, that's a picture from work in the blog banner of what 630 servings of french fries headed for a commercial oven look like. That's eighteen large sheet pans of ` 35 servings each. I do all the veggies and I now call Wednesday Fry Day because,  well, 630 servings of fries every week will do that to your brain.  


Anywho, I mentioned  in a previous post how the cough is back. Well, the real acid test , (BTW, you really shouldn't use the phrase acid test in a food environment...but I digress)  was getting the stocking in the freezer done at 7:00 AM which went Easy-Breezy like a Cover Girl as did the rest of the day. In the past the cold air would set off a coughing jag. But nada this time. So I thought you'd like an update. That's progress, as they say. 


Yes, I coughed a few times, but it was quick and not serious at all , and I didn't experience any SOB. 


Anyways, just reporting in like a good newbie and am going soon to that place from which Chester will yowel me awake at 5:00 AM because it's criminal in CatWorld for humans to experience one second of slumbering joy past their  furry internal clock.  Ug.


Peace and gratitude,