Day 41: The Cough is Back

Blog Post created by AlexColvin on Mar 15, 2019

I don't know about you but I knew this would happen. I knew the blessed cortisone shot would wear off eventually and I'd start coughing again. The good news is, it's not nearly as intense nor as frequent and I have no SOB to speak of, neither does it interfere with my sleep.  I sleep like a rock now (except for the shenanigans of a certain fur brat, )  for which I am unendingly grateful. So that's progress. But yes, it's back. And occasionally, "productive."  Yuck.


I mention this because today I'm taking a break from working on the manuscript and taking on the Under-The-Sink Cabinet Challenge. Which means sanding which means dust which get the idea.



Basically, that rust color is from a few aerosol cans the rust from the bottoms of which discolored the rubber matting they were sitting on which, in turn, discolored the painted cabinet floor. So guess who's going to fix that with a sanding job and some nice oil paint and then replacing the rubber mats?  I need a break from the MS revisions (I got tons done  yesterday, about which I am immensely pleased,)  and this is definitely a job needing doing. Plus, it's sunny and chilly and dry out today which is perfect oil painting weather.  And I'll post progress pics which will either show my superior workmanship or  a pair of closed cabinet doors -- evidence of the opposite.


Let the challenge begin.  We who are about to paint, salute you. And yes, I'm taking precautions. Or maybe I'll just forget the whole thing and go rob a bank. Anybody got a spare six-shooter?  





Moving on to Phase 1

Here are the tools.  Anything you don't recognize? Click pic to enlarge.




Phase 1 Done.

Click image to enlarge. 


The Ryobi palm sander is one I salvaged from a Pawn Shop which had a few damaged but easily replaceable parts. I will never understand why so-called,  "professional" contractors throw away good reparable tools. In my dad's day, you fixed what was fixable and took care of your tools.







Did you know you can order cases for your hand tools from the manufacturer in many cases?











Moving on to Phase 2

Let's start touching up those bad spots, especially on the cabinet floor and also start prepping around pipes and along corners and cracks. BTW, did you know that when you paint corners and around objects  (like pipes and light fixtures,)  it is NOT called, "cutting in"?  It's just prepping. Cutting in is when you paint lines where two colors meet, such as a blue wall color meeting a white ceiling color. It takes a very slow and steady hand to "cut in". Prepping in corners, not so much.














Me daddy were a painter man. Can you tell?  Also, an old-timer taught me this one: Use olive oil to remove oil-based paint from your hands. Yep, it works.  Save the stripper for brush cleaning, and recycle it.


















Moving on to Final phase: Top coat, drying, and laying the mat.



So after an hour drying time, I put the top coat on.  Then it was more olive oil for the hands and paint thinner for the brush to clean it up. Will let this guy dry overnight before putting the new mat down. Which I will post tomorrow. Not bad for a few hours work, eh? And all without a cigarette. 


Also: fun paint test question: Why does olive oil remove oil-based paints? (Hint: oil paint artists know the answer.)





And here is the finished version -- complete with new rubber matting.



(Yes, I pulled the mat right out after I snapped the shot. It was almost dry.) And I gave meself a wee award for stepping up to and completing the Under-The-Sink-Cabinet Challenge and for not smoking -- neither of which involved ice or a bucket. Yeah!


Thanks for tuning in.


Cough, cough.


Peace and gratitude,