Day 36: More Riding

Blog Post created by AlexColvin on Mar 11, 2019

Well, I found meself an app that will let me track my route no matter how many parking lots, etc., I ride through. I had been using Google maps which was a disappointment because it only maps along known streets and I often cut through parking lots to avoid traffic, or to shorten the distance. The app is called On The Go map and I used it to map my store run this afternoon which looks like this: 



Once I map my ride, I create a snip and then annotate it in my editor.  If I use the other mapping apps, I loose distance credit and that means I may not be as able to track my breathing improvement progress as well. I plan to use the app for all my rides.  


I am so glad that I can get back on the bike without any SOB because I really do enjoy the convenience of my little store jaunts and occasional tours into unexplored territory.  Here in Houston, all the public buses are outfitted with bike racks, so no place is really off-limits. At this rate, I may be getting back on the bike with some of my analog cameras. Maybe take the Pentax K-1000 out for a spin or the Kodak Brownie Hawkeye which takes pictures that look like this:


This is from a series of cityscapes I did in 2015. This is our City Hall downtown, which I applied a black and white filter to in post.    


Then I colorized and annotated it to make it look like a vintage postcard. Cool, yes?  The building was actually build by the Workers Progress Administration (WPA) during Roosevelt's New Deal, so I thought giving it the vintage treatment after shooting it with a post-war-era camera was fitting.                                                                                 







Here's hoping your Sunday was fun and smoke-free, too.


Peace and gratitude,