Day 29: Here A Plant, There A Plant....

Blog Post created by AlexColvin on Mar 3, 2019

So, Nancy and I started at Cornelius to go plant-shopping, and I made sure I brought the right CC along  because, well, it's Cornelius. But I was vewy, vewy good. I only bought three starters, and Nancy was even more disciplined, much to my surprise and disappointment. I'm going to blame Nancy's restraint on the weather, because there was a nip in the air, it was overcast, and it really was not good plant-shopping weather. But weather NEVER stopped me from getting cigarettes. Seriously?  Flooding? Blizzard? Martian-like heat? I laughed in the face of inclemency. So, no,  a little dip in the mercury was no deterrent to spending money mindlessly  buying houseplants.


I was impressed with their fern collection and had brought along my handy-dandy list of oxygen-giving plants that do well in low light. I managed to pick up an Anthurium, a Maidenhair Fern, and a Chinese Evergreen. I already had some Pathos on the back patio so re-potting and moving a few inside was no big deal. I also found a few cool pots and when we left Nancy had managed to get the world's smallest air plant at the register and the world's tiniest clay pot ($.49) to put it in. Her new little friend spend the rest of our day trip in her pocket.  Don't ask. Some things are best left unsaid.


We also managed to leave without potting soil.




So we drove to a few places thinking we'd find some and then, after getting no soil but more indoor pots, I remembered there was a  cool, feed store in my neighborhood that sells every kind of gardening tool you can think of plus some, as well as  all kinds of soils and additives, etc. So I nabbed me a bag of  Miracle Grow. It's the kind of place that has about ten guys standing around ready to help you with your little bag of soil because, well, they work on tips.


I got everything re-potted at home  then situated them out in their new homes. They're starters, and I fully expect they will need bigger pots soon and will also be joined in the not-too-distant future by other shade-loving indoor plants. But in no particular order, here they are: 


(1) Maidenhair fern in a cool ceramic pot that resembles a moldy tree trunk. 



(2) A pathos from the rear patio I re-potted in a cool ceramic pot and brought indoors. The pot began its life as something meant to hold Sterno for an outdoor fire-pot.

But I drilled a hole in the bottom and turned it into a planter

because I'm just that kind of a DIY guy.






(3) No entryway is complete without an Anthurium, which when mature has huge red blooms that look plastic but aren't. This is one of my favorite clay pots which I had on an outside table but looks much better inside. 


There's another Pathos I potted but with Pathos, once you've seen one you've seen them all.





(4) Lastly, there's the quart-sized Chinese Evergreen, in it's new pot which goes on the sofa table, which Chester will just have to get use to. (He likes to pace on the sofa table after his morning constitution while I'm having my morning Joe.) Sorry, dude. 







So that was my little plant-buying excursion. Am looking forward to acquiring a more  oxygenated living space in due time and helping my Sp02 in the process.


Peace and gratitude,