Day 28 #2: Back on the Bike

Blog Post created by AlexColvin on Mar 2, 2019

So, after making my bread rolls, it was time for dinner and a movie. And that meant hoping on my Specialized and riding to the store for a pint of ice cream. Because, honestly, what's the point of movie-night without a pint to go with it? 


And those who follow this blog know that I have not been on the bike since the 24th of last month (over a week,) thanks to the scary SOB episode the last ride caused.After that event, I grabbed by oximeter and saw the 91 readout and was a little concerned. But at work, since then, there's been no SOB and my Sp02 readings have been in the 96-97 percentile range (while at rest)  


So tonight I got the bike outside and headed East.  I got to the store without a hitch. No SOB once. It was glorious!

The return trip was just as uneventful; in fact, at one point, I even yawned widely and it felt grand!  Better still, when I got upstairs, after putting the bike away, I took a quick reading and my Sp02  was 97! Ya-hoo!


The excitement lasted until I realized my external DVD player was broke, and would be forced to eat my ice cream without a movie. How I do suffer, sniff, sniff. 


And no mater which movie from my library I plugged into it, it stayed broke.


Apparently, five years is the current life expectancy for portable,  external DVD players these days. This revelation sent me back to (from whence I had ordered the now dead DVD player in 2015, ) and ordered it's replacement. But this time, ah-ha!  -- smart guy that I am -- I included the $2.00 extended warranty! Take that, Planned Obsolescence! I laugh at you! Hahahahahahaha!


It will be about a week before the replacement arrives. But the good news is, I was able to ride again without incident and a broken DVD player did NOT cause me to want to light up. It did cause me to want to hurl the DVD player through my study's glass window, but I opted for the trashcan by my desk instead.


Life goes on. And yes, the ice cream was delicious. But a movie would have made it tastier.


Peace and gratitude,