Days 21-22: Enjoying Energy

Blog Post created by AlexColvin on Feb 24, 2019

The last time I quit smoking (last year) I had gobs of energy, (and time,) from not smoking and didn't cough or have SOB. That delightful experience lasted five puny days until I picked up again. But I started a lot of projects which I will be getting back to. So it's not terribly surprising to me that I have all this energy -- again. But this time, I have meds and an entirely different perspective about quitting, (past a measly 5 days,)  which has shown me how miserable withdrawal can be, but also what I can do about it to stay on course.


Day 21, Saturday


Working with my boss, Kareen, is always a pleasure because we tend to think alike. Saturdays are very easy because it's only between 50-100 kids and the breakfast and Lunch menu is pretty simple. Plus, I can get caught up on anything left over from Friday and Kareen can get her paperwork caught up.  We decided early that I would cashier and Kareen would work the line, but I got the line set up, but she breaks it down, etc. 


I was able to get a lot of things done in the freezer, cooler, and pantry, as well as some prep done for Monday so that was a major plus.  And not once did I cough or was I SOB.  No, that came much home.


We were done by 1:00 P.M. and so I went with Nancy to Tuesday Morning,  (a kind of Pier 1 knock-off,) to buy stuff, because shopping therapy is always a great way to expend energy and reward oneself for being smoke-free.  Got some bath towels and some Lavender French soap for the guest bath.


I decided that evening to go get a movie  (again) at Redbox at the grocery store and so hopped on my trusty Specialized and headed East. No problem. The ride there was issue-free. When I got to the store, a mom  and her kids, (one of whom was reading a book during the selection process,) were picking out a movie. "Better go ride around a  minute," thought I,  and so I did. Again, no SOB.  When I returned, mom and kids were gone, I got my movie, and homeward bound was I. That's when the SOB started, which came on very subtly.


I got about half a block from my  house when I was so SOB I had to stop. My chest was heaving and I was gasping as best I could, trying not to panic. I gasped for a good 5-10 minutes until I'd recovered enough to finish the journey.  Once I got inside my house I sat on the bottom stairs and just heaved a bit until I was able to climb the stairs to my study.


It was a full 45 minutes before I was fully recovered and realized I had apparently pushed myself too hard aerobically. But I had no idea I would be so SOB. It was a little scary.


Once I recovered, it was as if nothing had happened. It was surreal. Still, later, I recalled the last time I made this same trip, I was winded by the time I got to the store. But this time I was not, so that is actually progress. And as someone pointed out, this little 3-block ride can serve as a kind of yardstick to measure my progress. So, by that metric, I AM making progress.


Day 22, Sunday:


I was out of bed by 7:00 A.M., despite Chester's various attempts to rouse me hours earlier which included nibbles, nudges,  and yowls. By 9:00 I had already done two loads of laundry, (I'm cleaning pretty much everything that's fabric in the house because smoke loves to cling to fabric,) and would be doing a few more. Then there was some yard work, then more chores on the patio, etc., etc.  Then it was time to return the DVD to the grocery store. But this time, I'd be walking. It also turned out to be a magnificent clear, sunny, day which made walking perfect.


Besides, Saturday's breathless terror, convinced me to walk which I did without incident coming or going. Plus, I have gained an entirely new respect for being able to breath deeply on beautiful,  sunny days. But there was this wonderful energy level which I am using to continue to remove the smoke smell from my house.  


Tomorrow I have a cleaning service coming. Nancy is going to let them in, and they can let themselves out. They will not do as good of a job as I do, but it's a head start. I can do the detailing later.


I have also been reading that one can improve his Sp02 by eating oxygen-rich fruits and veggies and by having houseplants which is easy to do. To that end, I had meself a heaping bowl of green beans (with butter and garlic salt,) for lunch, and maybe this week I'll take a trip to the plant nursery.  Because I will not stay off my bike for long, and I will not be a victim to SOB. Because chronic victimhood does not look good on me.





Peace and gratitude,