Day 17: 1st Dr. Visit

Blog Post created by AlexColvin on Feb 19, 2019

I know some of you have been concerned. So here's the report: 


The good news is, Dr. Walker  didn't find anything unusual, and he listened to my lungs a lot as I deep-breathed several times, (and coughed,) for him and he moved his stethoscope all over my back and chest. I told him about everything: The sleep deprivation, shortness of breath, my quit date,  and how these things were now interfering with my work, sleep,  and daily routine. He said my "oxygen level"  was off. It should be 97 and I was 96, so that was good. It sounded to him just like inflammation and just the kind of thing one suffers after he quits smoking. So I got a Cortisone shot and  some Amoxicillin, (I have to take 3X/ daily, ) and some Cetirizine, (anti-allergy, I have to take 1x /daily,) and told if I don't feel better in a few days to come back.


Insurance covered everything, and the meds only cost a whopping $4.88, so I was very pleased. 


Called work and was told how much I was missed and to please take care and hurry back. So that was nice to hear. Also had to go back to Dr. Walker's office to get a note, (his office is barely 2 miles away from my house,)  so that was the day's oops! but  which they were happy to provide.


Hopefully, I can start getting some deep rest at night. That would be a major plus. Am off till Thursday and if I feel better, I will go back in. If not, I will go back to Dr. Walker's office and get my note updated. 


Peace and gratitude,