One month    Free

Blog Post created by Akebulon on Aug 9, 2020

1 month & counting! I have tried many times before, but this time I’ve been more determined to stay smoke free. I’ve had several stressful things go on during this past month but when my 1st thought was I need a cigarette and within seconds I remind myself oh! you don’t smoke anymore, & a cigarette is not going to take the stress away I will still be facing the same problem that I dealing with. I m having a lot of back pain having to have all these tests done  I have to see specialist, my mobility  Is really not good right now but taking just 1 drag would be a major setback. I’m very committed this time around. I was so tickled last week during the hurricane that I wouldn’t be going outside trying to get a quick couple of drags in I was so proud of ME!! I am very glad to have found this site and for all the positive encouragement that you find here. So all my fellow Quitters stay strong it can be done