Day 8 Again

Blog Post created by Aew1031 on Feb 10, 2019

So, having our grandson for the night staved off cravings until just about now (3:49 pm Sunday afternoon).  Now am craving sugar which I'm still allowing myself to do but that has to end.  Little sour gummies are helping get through this crave.  It's funny - I don't actually WANT to smoke.  The craving feels akin to a small "cramp" in my brain telling me nicotine will make the uncomfortable feeling abate.  But I know my brain is lying to me.


Meditated, fixed cable tv errors, maybe will paint, read, walked the dog in the freezing cold; thinking about what else I could do instead of smoke...turns out most anything is better than the whole routine of hiding/smoking/washing/hiding the evidence etc., etc.  You know what I'm talking about.