Quit - DAY 9, Quit NRT - DAY 3

Blog Post created by Aew1031 on Sep 12, 2018

This has been the worst day yet in terms of exhausting physical/psychological withdrawal symptoms.  Almost akin to a panic/rushed feeling - ALL DAY.  I’ve never actually had a panic attack but am thinking this is what one feels like.  The set of emotions and physical withdrawal symptoms I’ve experienced today is THE reason I couldn’t get off nicotine.  Anticipation of the pain of withdrawal is as bad as the actual withdrawal.  I never want to go through this again.  EVER.


Withdrawal Symptoms from nicotine (NRT):

1.  Slight hand tremors

2.  Heachache

3.  Racing thoughts

4.  Thirst

5.  Sore throat

6.  Slight general achiness in upper body/abdomen/chest

7.  Forgetfulness

8.  Generally being a space cadet

9.  Fatigue


What I’ve done/am planning to do to combat this today:

1.  Walk the dog

2.  Talk to friends

3.  Help a friend

4.  Watercolor painting class

5.  Babysit grandson tonight

6.  Knit after baby goes to bed

7.  Write this blog

8.  Check EX often 



ARGHHH.  Will this ever end?  I know it will.  Hope I’m not truly panicking over nothing.