Quit Day 7

Blog Post created by Aew1031 on Sep 10, 2018

Yesterday I committed to going cold turkey with lozenges.  Am ok not smoking although I do think/dream about it and it disgusts me (or alternately intrigues me - why DID I smoke???).  Anyway, I used the lozenges like crazy yesterday.  Not sure why but need to get off nicotine, all forms, forever.  Using NRT just prolongs the pain.  It did get me through the first 6 full days of quitting cigarettes but now that I am in the beginning of day 7 nicotine is an albatross.


Yes, I’m feeling loopy, clumsy, unfocused.  Getting out the door so I don’t sit here and think about it too much.  Haven’t had a lozenge yet this morning so I’ve been off NRT since 12:01 am 9/10.  3 days of nicotine withdrawal.  Can I do this?  It’s so uncomfortable.  YES, I CAN DO THIS!