Quit Day 2

Blog Post created by Aew1031 on Sep 5, 2018

Started the day angry, lonely, depressed without one reason to feel any of those feelings, except that I am not smoking.  My life is wonderful but for some reason I feel more complete when smoking.  Crazy.


These angry/lonely/depressed feelings lasted until 4 pm EDT.  They began as soon as I awoke.  Even with 2 mg lozenges I feel like something is missing.  I’ve never admitted that “out loud” ever before.  Progress.  What feelings have cigarettes been masking???  Hope this mystery is solved with time.  Have read others’ posts on what they’ve learned about themselves during their quit.  I don’t even know who I am anymore.  Will I learn?


Am chewing nicotine lozenges like crazy.  Drinking herbal and black tea (stopped coffee for the time being and I LOVE coffee).  Keeping busy.  Still it’s not enough.  The craving feelings are endless.  Like little chipmunks gnawing on my psyche.


The EX Community is immensely helpful though I’m typically not an online joiner.  This group I WANT to be a part of and connected with.  Have made a special connection with a kindred female soul.  We seem to have a lot in common and are in a similar stage in this latest (and hopefully final) quit.  We are in different time zones which makes communicating early in the morning and late at night difficult.