Overwhelming support

Blog Post created by Acciosanity on Mar 26, 2020

So I've got the first 28+ hours smoke free under my belt. I've had a few really intense cravings, but I've been keeping in mind that the cravings don't last long.... drink water and put my big girl panties on. Honestly, it hasn't been too bad. 


I'm so impressed with all the encouragement and support y'all have given me! It's always hard being the new kid, but my email was just flooded with kind words. My family has also been as kind as possible. I know very few smokers in my life, so that's been helpful too.


So I'm feeling pretty optimistic.... it's not easy by any means but sometimes the hardest things in life are the most valuable. 


And somebody told me to try carrot sticks but I couldn't get them to light....