One More Time

Blog Post created by AV5100 on Jul 12, 2018

I smoked from my teenage years until I was 32..Then quit for 19 years.. Severe life altering events prompted me to have that one smoke... that turned into a pack a day for the last 12 years..The circumstance is long past the habit remains.. I have tried to quit for the past 4 years.. and had several lengthy attempts up to 5 months.. but here we are.. and I want to kick this once and for all.. and do so before my 63rd b-day. I have had many health issues not related to cigarettes.. and have spent the last year trying to regain my health... I have dropped 28 pounds, exercise regularly and have a healthy diet.. Only the smokes remain.. Life has yet again changed but this time for the better..and I want to be around to take advantage of it... it is way past time I gave this addiction up.

 all suggestions and assistance is appreciated...