27 Days in...

Blog Post created by AHG12911 on Feb 27, 2017

Glad I have a tracker on here, even if it is one day off.

27 Days smoke free.

ITs been tough, feels like a lot longer- the triggers can be overwhelming, I still have them daily but I know that if I picked up a cig it would taste gross at this point.

I've put on about 10 lbs, that doesn't make me feel good... especially being 5'2, I was 117 lbs.. very tiny frame, its discouraging and I feel very uncomfortable in my own skin, I have put it on so rapidly people have noticed, and they judge. I choose not to tell them I just quit smoking because I shouldn't have to justify my weight to anyone but it hurts my feelings and as self conscious as I was before... I just want to stay in big clothes and hide the "bloat"


I took my kids sledding this weekend, I wasn't out of breath even after my 4th time climbing a hill in a foot of snow .That was truly amazing, truly a gift. So that I will celebrate~ until I can get myself motivated for continuous exercise outdoors because this added weight is not comfortable. I am obviously still having issues controlling my appetite.