7 Days Free❤

Blog Post created by ABorgen on Feb 21, 2017

I made it!  7 days smoke free. One of my friends here referred to it as "hell week". It certainly has been tough, but I feel so good about making this decision. It is getting easier each day. You all help me so much I just can't get over it. Today I had my clinicals and they went very well. It's getting so close to graduation (May 12) and I will have my RN. I had planned to quit after graduation, but in light of my health scare, I knew it was time now. What is exciting to me is that when I graduate it will be over 2 months smoke free. How cool is that!    Well, I hope everyone is having a wonderful evening. I just want to say to anyone struggling, you CAN get through this. Reach out to me anytime!  Take care and God Bless you all