Day 5

Blog Post created by ABorgen on Feb 19, 2017

Day 5!  I can hardly believe it. I am feeling a lot stronger today. Way fewer cravings. Yesterday was good, I was so busy with homework all day I forgot to smoke! Lol. Anyway, today I am relaxing and enjoying my day. My husband told me today how proud he was of me, and what a strong person I am. That in itself was a reward for not smoking in 5 days.  I have began the coughing stage, which for me is hard as I get nauseous, but another good sign that I am changing.  I am beginning to find my way around the site a little more each day, which makes my happy. My goal for the upcoming week is to show more support for those around me. Thank you to all for your support. I hope everyone eis enjoying their Sunday.