Day 4

Blog Post created by ABorgen on Feb 18, 2017

Day 4 here I am!  I am very proud to have made it here. It has been really tough, but the times I have a craving, I pick up my phone and come here to EX and it has helped me get through the craving. I wanted to thank everyone that has made me feel so welcome. Between homework and studying I have been doing the recommended reading and I must say, it is amazing!  The first one I read talked about smoking as a mental illness and the effect of nicotine on the brain and dopamine's effect as well. As a nursing student, it really spoke to me!  Last night I went to supper with my husband and my father. After the meal, I joked that that was a 2 cigarette meal ( meaning it was so good). All joking aside, I really really wanted those 2 smokes!!!  But I remembered my pledge and resisted the urge. Today I made my pledge and am set to conquer another day. I also want to say congratulations to all that have joined EX after me, for making the decision to take back your life.  Have a great day and God Bless you all!  ❤