30 days ago...

Blog Post created by A.N.N. on Oct 31, 2018

30 days ago, I was rushing around my home, just back from a long weekend get away. Trying to find any and all smoking related stuff... ash trays, cigarette butts, lighters. I cleaned out my car, hoping that turning on the heat would not blast me with the smell of smoke. I slapped on a patch. Took a tylenol PM.... And prayed that I could do this...

I had been to the doctor to get meds to help me succeed, I had read, found my triggers, made a plan I hoped would work...

And, here I am 30 days later. An EX smoker. Feeling stronger, feeling more calm, feeling that this is truly possible.

Today a client told me she and her brother drove 7 hours round trip, to get smokes cheaper (North Dakota) and did I mention she is 75?? Tonight while gettting ready to take the kids out for Halloween, the rest of the adults were smoking. I can honestly say it hurt to breath it in. And I thought OMG the kids smell this all the time, and a month ago I was exposing them to this. That feels horrible!! 

Some days I wish I was further down this road... maybe past the 3 years that was my longest quit? But I guess this is exactly where I am supposed to be. Here with others who want to be free!

Thank you all for the advice and mostly support you have given me!