23 and Me

Blog Post created by A.N.N. on Oct 24, 2018

I'm almost done with day 23.... Wow! What a ride. I have learned so much! 

I have learned that support is there if you ask.

I have learned that I don't have to please everyone... it's more important to protect this quit.

I have learned that I am actually a pretty calm person. ( Maybe the smoking caused the anxiety, not the other way around)

I have learned that there really are people in my life who are not happy that I quit?! I thought that was an urban legend. LOL!  But seriously, who knew that someone I trusted would actually try to jeopardize my quit by leaving cigarettes on my porch. Asking if we didn't allow smoking here anymore??? 

Most importantly I have learned that I can quit, and be happy, productive and proud!

I have also had a root canal, tooth removed, felt like I look like a jack-o-lantern, told a dentist that I wasn't leaving until they got me something to replace the tooth they removed, (Yes I stood up and said what I need!!!) Got a flipper (Oh Holy Sh*t) 

And you know what.... I feel really good. And while some people may not like that... Too Bad!

Today the dogs and I were walking in the nature preserve near my house. The frost on the grass was gorgeous! It was sunny and cold and beautiful. When we got to the end of the trail and turned back, a large deer jumped out in front of us. 

When I told my friend about it, she asked if I knew the symbolism of a deer?  She said it means, "Be gentle with yourself."

How perfect is that?!