The truth will set you free...

Blog Post created by A.N.N. on Oct 16, 2018

But first it will make you miserable.

Day 15. Still smoke free. Still feeling really happy that I quit!

My dental work begins in less than a week. I have been so focused on how good I feel about myself for quitting, that I've mostly been able to ignore all the thoughts about the upcoming appointment. 

So here's the truth--- smoking wrecked my teeth.

The miserable part.... now I pay the piper!

Smoking enabled me to avoid... fear, reality, even health issues. Our addiction speaks loudly! "You won't be the one to get sick", "The issues with your teeth are due to heredity and stress", "This will be no big deal".

Here is my new truth... Now that I know what I know, I can do better. Maybe not all at once. But each day, one day at a time, I will heal and take better care of myself. It will be painful and expensive. But really, so was smoking!

Then there is the issue of our self-esteem... I want to remember that I am so much more than my appearance. But, I work with the public. I spend most days striving to make others feel good about themselves, to see the beauty that I see in them. (unless you are mean... then nope, you aren't beautiful!) Now I need to turn that mirror towards myself. Wow! So much harder!