I will call it day 14!

Blog Post created by A.N.N. on Oct 15, 2018

I took the weekend off from posting. I got alot of outdoor work done. And yes I did relax some too.

This is the end of my 14th day smoke free. Mostly it feels great. As I said last week I have decided to be happy about my quit... That doesn't mean that I am happy all the time. In fact, I am "feeling" things that I would have numbed with cigarettes. Some of it is great--- some of it downright sucks!! 

I have to wonder if I thought I wasn't strong enough to handle  things in my life without using something to take all the edges off. The interesting and sad thing is that what I used to do that hurt me so much!

Today I choose to feel. Good, Bad, whatever it is... I am strong enough to handle it.

Happy to have 14 days of freedom!