Day 9

Blog Post created by A.N.N. on Oct 10, 2018

Tonight I shared with my husband some of what I have shared here, and the wonderful comments I have recieved in return. It brought both of us to tears.... I don't think I truly realized how much he wanted me to quit. I always went on the defense when he tried to talk ( NAG?!?) me about quitting. He always said that it was so easy for him. All I ever thought was - Yeah right!  Whether or not it was easy... he did it.

Now we can share this... How amazing is that?

Today I did think a lot about my upcoming dental work. I will be starting Oct. 22. I will need to stay positive and remember who I am.  I believe that everyone has some challenge or issue in their life... this is mine. At the beginning of this year I started what I call my "Joy Journey." My commitment to bring more joy into my life. I promised myself that I would do the things that I fear, and the things that were hard. I'm doing both. 

I could definately use some sunshine! But today felt good. Still walking, working, using my tools. 

Another day of blessings!