Day 8

Blog Post created by A.N.N. on Oct 9, 2018

Today I feel GRATEFUL! It is the first day of my second week. When asked today "how are you doing?" I could say with total honesty - Great! Tonight I walked outside of a restaurant and into a cloud of smoke... I have been so worried that when I did smell smoke it would trigger major cravings. It was just the opposite! It made me sick to my stomach and made my chest tighten up. When I told my husband about it, he said that he is sure enjoying this. LOL!

The more I allow myself to come out of denial and to really look at what smoking could or has done to me, I have to say it is frightening and so very sad! But I decided today, that no matter what lies ahead I will enjoy and be grateful for all the good days I get!

Tonight I went to dance class. ( tap and jazz)  I am a 54 year young woman, who has smoked off and on my whole adult life... What a blessing that today I am able to move and laugh and enjoy this amazing life. Who would have thought I could do that without cigarettes?!? I guess all of you...