Day two

Blog Post created by A.N.N. on Oct 3, 2018

I have now made it through two days. I walked again this morning. Rushed out of the house to do errands for work before I started. Got to work and realized I forgot my patch . I started into panic mode... what if I couldn't handle this?

I took a deep breath, promised myself that if it got too bad I would go to the nearest store and buy some patches (yes, that would be a stupid waste of money, but really 2 days ago I was spending over $10 on a pack of cigerettes that I smoked in one day!!!) Long story short... I was okay. 

I realize today that I have looked at quitting as a horrible experience. I was setting myself up to struggle and hurt. 

Who knew I didn't have to do that?! 

I know it's only two days, but you know what... I think I can do this! 

Thanks to all for the support. It really helps!