I Never Thought this Day was Possible

Blog Post created by 5Jacks on Jan 17, 2021

One year ago today was my first day in over 38 years without a cigarette. I’m happy to report that I have not had one puff in 366 days!


I have thought about having one from time to time, but now that thought conjures up memories of the very first time I did at age eleven...the horrible taste, the dizziness, the cough. This is my chance to walk back that moment as if it never happened and declare that it will never happen again.


Being a part of this community has been a huge factor in my success, especially so in the first few months. I am grateful for the guardian angels that have made it their daily mission to support us in our journeys and struggles.


One year ago today, I never thought this day was possible. I just couldn’t envision it even though I was determined to make it. Now, here it is, and I can clearly see remaining a non-smoker for however many years lay ahead of me.