Tonight was tough

Blog Post created by 2112miller on Feb 7, 2021

I went to my local pub tonight & this was my 1st real test.
it's been over a week since I had my last smoke..
My friends were at the pub & all was good watching the Super Bowl..
My friends went outside ( The temp was in the teens...COLD)..to have a cigarette..
I passed the urge to join them all night long (I did get to puff on my vape in the warmth !!)
But I have to tell you..I almost caved in more than once to go join them (I was drinking a few beers & Munching on the buffet of food)...
I never caved in...But now as I sit here at home...I am still having a beer or 2 & still craving a cigarette...
But in a hour or so..It will be bedtime..Because I know & still have it in my mindset....
"I don't want a cigarette"
I've think I've this licked this time...Thanks be to God.