Had a couple hits.

Blog Post created by 2019steph on Nov 20, 2019

Got my daughter to a nap, had to fix the garbage disposal and she woke up before I could even get the pipe wrench to it. I know she needs me next to her to sleep most of the time but I have so much to do I have full time homework house work and sometimes jobs as a sub teacher. But the sheer anger that rose in my whole being when she woke up 2 minutes after I left the room was unbearable so I lit a smoke and took a couple hits (in the garage I don't smoke near her or inside). I'm still angry and still have a tired ******* child that won't let me get away from her for even a second day or night. And now I ruined day 3. I really need her to learn to sleep without me. I try consoling myself by saying she'll only be so young for do long and will gain Independence and won't need me so much but I really need the time she sleeps for other things. She's a year and a half.