Day 3

Blog Post created by 2019steph on Nov 20, 2019

So today is day number three. But yesterday when I did eventually get a crave which was at the end of the day after I ate I texted a friend and she called me so that really helped. I am using the patch so I'm figuring that's why I'm not really getting so many craves. either way I'm pretty happy about it getting it today number three feeling pretty strong, although that I'm using the patch makes me feel a little unsure then I'll be able to do it without the patch, cuz it's been so darn hard without the patch before. But oh well I'm really feeling happy I don't stink don't worry about my daughter smelling a stink. Maybe I'll be able to inspire my boyfriend looking to quitting at least consider it. I just want to thank you guys cuz it's pretty cool to be able to come here and tell you guys how it's going and get feedback. I wish I had some inspirational words and some kind of unique saying I could tell you guys but I don't get.