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I miss the weekly check-in posts, so I'll do one  and see how it goes.  I like the idea of looking back on the week and thinking about what I've experienced, learned, let go or gained.    I had a fantastic visit from my daughter and newest grandson last Friday through Monday. She camped on my (very soft) couch, and the baby

Help I’m about to smoke thought I’d let everyone try an convence me other wise
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  Someone once said to me after being diagnosed with cancer,  “Why me?  I quit so I wouldn’t get cancer.  I should have just continued smoking & ‘enjoying’ myself instead of quitting.  I’ve been sicker since I quit smoking than I ever was before I quit.”   This someone was a
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I will leave a three word sentence. Next player starts their 3-word sentence with a word that rhymes with the LAST word of the previous sentence. Your 3-word sentence should make sense.   Example:   A pretty house   Mouse will squeak   Weak herbal tea   Let's start..........   Lovely striped cat