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I won’t smoke but I sure feel like it . Not sure why actually . Things are fine . Still exercising, tending to the garden , eating healthy , not really any stress but geesh several times today I’ve realky wanted a cigarette.  Its kinda scary when it just rears it’s head like that.    No worries . Never gonna

~~Don't live the same day for 75 years and call it a life.~~  Robin S. Sharma   It's safe, isn't it, to stay in what you know.  Your work schedule, dinner with family, maybe a vacation every now and then.  Routine is comforting and we feel in control of our lives.     Yet.....did you know that if we stop learning,
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Over the last two and a-half years, I've gone from 2 part time jobs that totaled well over 40 hours a week, sometimes 70 hours a week, to 1 part time job that often was over 40 hours a week, to the same part time job at about 15-20 hours a week (by choice), and today, the client I work for via my company through whom I contract, cut everyone back
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I wish I could report otherwise tonight, but it hasn’t been an easy day.  I thought it would get better once i left work and came home but everything hurts.  I’m depressed, out of sorts, edgy and tired. And I keep thinking if I just have one cigarette maybe it will get better.  But I know it won’t.  I