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Click to view contentHappy September everyone and welcome to the Daily Pledge in the Celebrations & Events  community where we can meet daily to take another person's hand and make our commitment stronger.   The name September comes from the Latin septem, meaning seven, since it was the seventh month of the Roman calendar, which began with March. There are 30 days in… (Show more)
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Mark just posted the celebration that mentioned my 50 days and I looked to see who was there with me.  Not one other people in the 50 club has logged on within the last month it looked like.     Then I looked at the 100 and 150 club too and same thing.  Almost everyone signs up and then within a week or two disappear.  Kind of depressing how many… (Show more)
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   Here's the rules...  When a newbie (non smoker with less than a year of smobriety) posts, they add +1 to the number...    When an Elder (non smoker with more than a year of smobreity) posts they add -1 to the number    You have to wait until someone else posts before you can post again      When either +20 or -20 is reached then that team wins… (Show more)
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Hey all!  I had to stop by and tell you that I am enjoy, and celebrating 2 wonderful years of freedom from smoking !   I love the freedom, and I never even think about starting back up !    Why would I, after not smoking, 14,616 cigarettes.  I have saved $3,800.00 plus all the extras I would buy just by going in to the store to get these… (Show more)
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hi everyone.  There are a lot of reasons, but i just can’t shake this bad mood tonight.  For starters, i am working too much.  I am lonely, i feel like i have no life because i am always working.  I have no money because i have so many bills.  Well,am trying to save $$ from not smoking and so far ive had some success.  Everything was just… (Show more)
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I will start with 2 poster will carry on using the last word first, and so on....    (Remember... last word first!)   Example:     In crowd   Crowd control   Control freak   Ok, I'll start with -   Blue moon
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I feel very good today and am proud of myself. I didnt feel the need to smoke and only had some a small amount if time when I thought about it. Mostly when driving and after I ate dinner. Now it's getting late and my day is winding down so I need to keep my mind and hands busy because night time can be a challenge. I am using the patch so I think… (Show more)
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One week! I made it! Now I feel naughty for feeling good. Like it's not alright for me to feel this way. I'm gonna get into trouble for it. Survivors guilt maybe? I know the tears are normal and read some great blogs about it which helped me a lot. But this reason wasn't talked about and I'm wondering Does anyone have anything to tell me about… (Show more)
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