Today Is THE Day!

Discussion created by carleejoyce on Jul 24, 2017
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Good Morning/Afternoon to all! 

I'm new, Just joined the group/website today  

I do not wish to be a bummer or the sadly one, I feel as though it needs to be said.  I found out my father (my hero) has 

lung cancer on Thursday, I decided to quit, right then! AND he is my reasoning to quit!

Otherwise, so far, I have mostly enjoyed smoking for the last 15-16 years of my life. With that being said........

I had to get through the upcoming stressful weekend first, yup (the one I had been dreading for weeks!). *I made it through, only slightly scathed  (That was accomplished with a a few smokes and a fakey) !

So,Today is The Day!

I rearranged my morning so I didn't have "time" to step outside and have that 1st cig of the day.  I also drank my coffee inside instead of outside.  After lunch break was a bit challenging.....It's a little after 1 in the afternoon, and so far I haven't went to the convenience store for a new pack.. It is however getting a little rougher throughout the day.  I have chosen the Mind over Matter method.. I have made up my mind so the want/trigger/need doesn't matter! Full disclosure being completely honest....It's definitely harder than I thought it would be! ..

My fingers are crossed that I make it through the whole day (so I can be proud of myself tonight before I go to bed)!

Anywho... I'm Carlee and I'm hopeful!  Thanks for listening!