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Question asked by pongaselo on Apr 17, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2018 by elvan

I have a question. I want to know why I should want a cigarette. So my daughter and her boyfriend came over last night for a movie, a glass of wine and dinner. I went to the store and when I got back she had smoked in the house.  It smelled like a bar at opening time back in the 70's when you could smoke in the bar.  Stale and vile. After that, they smoked on the front porch which was nice fresh tobacco smoke. Soo delicious and inviting, so wonderful. How come in about 5 minutes it smells so vile. So I wanted to go ahead and enjoy a smoke with the kids which is fine, I have busted my butt for the last 3 weeks preparing and then roughly a week of not smoking, no big deal. All it is is little arguments with myself or maybe the monster in my head. Sarcasm aside, this has been a pain in my butt so since I did the work, I want to know, if I give in to the ******* in my head who wants a cigarette, WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME?  They don't taste good, they wreck food, the house smells like **** again and there are rumors that they might be bad for your health.  If I am going to cave, there has to be something good that I want as a reward. What is it?  Thats my question.