Are you ready.....  does one have to be Ready ???

Discussion created by bonniebee on Mar 18, 2017
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   I think  of my  past failed quits as steppingstones to this final quit ( dare an addict ever say final ?) . Does this mean the first 5 or 6 tries were just practice and I was not "ready " to quit ? I wish I had not waited so long between quitting the first time was in 1989 and then 5-6 tries later  led to this quit which has been 769 DOF  (Truthfully I lost count but only 2 times amounted to anything significant in the way of numbers ). 

   Each quit was very different but the last one this one seemed so much easier then all the rest . I never thought i wold be able to quit while living with a smoker but i did it and it did not even seem very difficult was that because I had reached a point in my life and in my addiction that i was really ready to let it go ? 

   What do you think about readiness and what makes one ready ?