March into March 2016 with a Spring and a Hop!

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Hello Daily Pledgers! This month Giulia has passed the Daily Pledge Group to me!


March is a very busy Month! We have St. Patrick's Day! Be careful with that green beer. Doesn't matter what color it is alcohol is responsible for many lost quits! Stay strong!



Commitment is a very important part of a quit! So Hop on in to pledge as often as you can! Did somebody say hop? Awe, yes we have Easter, which is a great time to be with friends and family!  Protect your Quit!







Put a spring in your step. As the weather starts to change,there will be outside activities that can bring on some triggers, So make your promise not to smoke and keep your quit safe!



Let's make March a Happy, Hoppy Month!


I Won't Quit on my Quit!