Day 40

Discussion created by katherineu on Feb 20, 2017
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I quit smoking 40 days ago and I am so thankful that my mind and body is free from nicotine addiction.  Do I want a cigarette, sometimes I think I do but my old thoughts lie to me so I shift my thoughts to something that will benefit my life.  

This isn't my first time to quit smoking but this is the longest I have quit smoking and I have no intentions of going back to that lifestyle.  When you see how far you have come by walking away from the one thing that was slowly killing you by your own hands is when you believe and know that there is more to life than smoking cigarettes.

Whether its day one or day one hundred we know what you are going through and for you who is still smoking but wants to stop I have been there and understand how hard it is to throw that pack of cigarettes of away.  

I quit on a day that I did not want to quit and yes it will be a rough road but you can do it. Get online for community support and find friends, ex smokers that you can when you have the urge to smoke.  I only know one friend that is an ex smoker and she quit over a decade ago and I sometimes I call or text her but I really prefer to talk to ex smokers online who are going through it right now and know how bad it is right NOW to battle this beast.

My advice to you is if you have quit - PLEASE don't make up any excuse to smoke!!

I went through that mind game for a few weeks until the fog lifted from my mind.  We will lie to ourselves and its just one cigarette, no its not, you will have to start completely over again.  You are not alone - God Bless