Welcome: Introduce Yourself!

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If you're just joining EX, we'd love for you to get in the mix and tell us a little bit about you in a comment. Don't know what to say, tell us what you're up to right now. Then be sure to fill out your Community Profile and upload a picture and avatar(turn your phone sideways to see these image options).


If you're more brave and...

...ready to start your Quit Journey and share more you can Blog about it.

...have a question, you can ask it.

...or jump into the conversations or latest posts from across the site..


If you're not yet brave you can...

...learn about using the community on the getting started guide. the info on My Quit Plan and Set a Quit Date. the community site or click the magnifying glass in the upper right of every page (works just like Google).

...complete your EX Profile. the Best of EX.

...browse others' quit journeys.


If you're joining us from QuitNet we have a welcome area for you QuitNet-ers: Introduce Yourself!


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